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Seth Maggio, CPA, EA, MAcc

Seth has been providing tax services to the Northshore area since 2021. He especially enjoys helping families get the tax benefits they deserve, helping self-employed individuals navigate the confusing world of tax code, and ultimately helping his clients save money by paying less in taxes. Seth and his wife Olivia live in Madisonville with their daughter and two dogs. He loves running, fishing, cheering on the LSU tigers and Saints, and spending time with his family and the Northshore community.


A Baton Rouge native, Seth ran track and cross country on multiple state championship teams for Catholic High School. He went on to graduate with B.S. in Accounting from LSU and then received his M.S. in Accounting from LA Tech. He then went on to earn his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Enrolled Agent (EA) certifications.

Seth worked for a CPA firm in Ruston, Louisiana while earning his master’s in accounting and quickly realized tax was an area of accounting that he enjoyed. He then was selected to work for one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, KPMG while he completed graduate school.

He then moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife Olivia to pursue a career in tax accounting with a locally owned CPA firm in Carrollton, Texas. It was there that he realized tax was his passion, as he was blessed with the opportunity to learn from and work alongside an icon in the industry, Mike Paulson, for many years.

During his trips back to visit family and friends throughout southeast Louisiana, Seth recognized that his heart remained in LA, and it troubled him that so many people here do not know where to turn for expert tax help. Growing up with seven siblings and the son of two parents that were both career-long employees of the state, Seth understands the economic challenges of providing for a family in Louisiana. He returned home in early 2021, determined to provide the same level of tax service and expertise that well-heeled clients have access to in a big city like Dallas.

Personal Values

Seth makes it his personal mission to ensure that working families know about all of the tax-saving opportunities available to them. He has a passion for serving small self-employed businesses owners, as he himself has lived the challenges of launching and running his own business. Seth finds true fulfilment in helping hardworking individuals navigate a complex tax code that can seem stacked against them. He works tirelessly to save his clients money by paying less in taxes and takes the time to clearly explain complicated tax scenarios in a way that his clients understand.

Recent years have been chaotic with tax law changes, from the pandemic to the rise of self-employed individuals and new cryptocurrency rules. Many families have struggled to keep up with the IRS as they’ve shifted regulations for education and child tax credits. Meanwhile, millions have realized that working for large companies might be riskier than working for themselves and have suddenly found themselves trying to make sense of business tax matters like the home office deduction and business use of personal vehicles. Seth is skilled in helping his clients navigate these complexities and prides himself on fair prices while staying available and accessible to everyone in southeast Louisiana who would like to save money by paying less taxes in these unprecedented times.